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Hotel Philip, Pylos

Hotel Philip, Pylos
Type: Hotel
Area: Pylos Class: Rate
Street: - Rooms: 18
Phone: (+30) 2723022741 Phone 2: (+30) -
Mobile: (+30) - Fax: (+30) 2723023261 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

EOT License Number (G.N.T.O.):
Operation Period: April - October

Welcome to the family run Hotel Philip. The hotel lies on a hill at the edge of the town of Pylos, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Our hotel was lovingly constructed in the year 2000, adhering to the traditional building style. The Hotel Philip is a place for families, individuals, and anyone who is looking for more than just a hotel.

Enjoy spectacular sunsets on your very own terrace, or with a good glass of wine in the lovely garden. At this time of day, typical "Mezzes" (small snacks) are served by the restaurant.

The hotel manager and his family will personally cater to your needs, and will try to make your stay relaxing and unforgettable.


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